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Crazy Cat Lady Pet Food Bowl (NighteenClothingCo.)

Crazy Cat Lady Pet Food Bowl (NighteenClothingCo.)

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Nighteen Clothing Co is proud to introduce the Crazy Cat Lady Pet Food Bowl. Designed especially for every woman who has to feed their inner crazy cat lady. So what does cats & our clothing company have in common? Our exclusive quote: "Nighteen (19) cats are better than one". Inspired by M.M. love for felines herself, she loves all types of cats & will one day more than likely grow up to be one of those women with a bunch of cats. Her "Personal Cat" named "Junior" (JR) is the most precious cat in the world to her as with others. If you know M.M. than you know her cat JR aka "Tango". Many will not understand that inside joke, but here at Nighteen Clothing Co, we had to just throw in a lil personal touch. 

So grab this unique one of kind custom pet food bowl for your feline, or for your dog who thinks he or she is a feline cat. This custom pet bowl is a great way to introduce a bit more of your love for your own cat & really show off on a whole nother level during feeding time. These ceramic bowls measure 6" in diameter, 2.25" in height and 19" in circumference. 

.: Holds16oz of Feline (Cat) Hard or Wet Food. (0.473 l)
.: Glazed finish.
.: Material: white ceramic.
.: One size: 6" in diameter, 2.25" tall, 19" circumference.
.:  Our Premiere Design wraps around half of the bowl.

Designs Provided Exclusively by: Nighteen Clothing Co.


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