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The Feline Egyptian Royalty (Nighteen Pet Bandana)

The Feline Egyptian Royalty (Nighteen Pet Bandana)

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We here at "Nighteen Clothing Co" just don't celebrate "empowering & inspiring" women across the globe. We also support pet animals. An just not your feline cat, but any pet you may own.

Our "Flagship" Tabby Cat Junior is proud to bring his exclusive Pet Bandana. This "Egyptian Prince" with MAU on his forehead inspired a exclusive customized design with his "Personalized Bandana"  that not only showcases his heritage & pride but heritage of all cats & breeds.

Displaying the "Eye of Horus" on either side above two egyptian cats, by keeping the Eye of Horus around as the “good eye”, it can counter any evil eye that enters the house.

The "Egyptian Cats" on both sides represent the ever watchful eye every cat provides to their owner, not just for the belief of protection but we all know that "one cat" that is your "Baby Boy or Babygirl" & follows you everywhere you go.

As "JR" is our "BABYBOY" we just didn't want to create him something personalized & special but something every cat in every household could wear. In the middle is the statement: "DESCENDANT OF EGYPTIAN ROYALTY".

That any cat owner can relate to, did you know cats were worshipped as "GODS" 1000s of years ago...

So whether relaxing with your purring cat, or kitten, yelling at your cat for "kneading his paws on your favorite shirt, using their teeth to pull the blanket from you (Laughing intentionally.) 

Trying to show your cat love, an he slaps you in the face, headbutts, then licks you intentionally as a strange apology-JR

Or waking up to your cat sound asleep around your neck either way, express that you love them with this: Our "Nighteen Pet Premiere Bandana" (EGYPTIAN ROYALTY EDITION.)

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Nighteen Clothing Co 

All Rights Reserved 2023.

*Customer Note* It is our hope in the future with "increased sales" an growth we will be able to support animal based non profit groups, including the "Humane Society".

Add some personality to your pet. Made of soft-spun polyester, the fabric will not bunch or irritate your pet’s skin. While animals already have their own character, this custom pet bandana can help bring things to the next level. 

.: Material: 100% polyester
.: One-sided print
.: Sewn in label

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